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Who doesn’t love playing platform games? They are simple, yet creative and fun to play. Introduced in the 80’s, platform games haven’t lost their touch and are still the most played games around.

Athena s a platform arcade game produced in 1986. The game’s protagonist, Princess Athena, goes to the Fantasy World which is dominated by the evil emperor Dante. There she has to fight Dante to free the Fantasy World and to reach her own home safe and sound.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves the player controlling the main character of the game, Princess Athena. This arcade game has a unique storyline. Athena is the young, headstrong princess of the heavenly Kingdom of Victory. One day, she opens the “Door Which Shouldn’t Be Opened” in the basement of Castle Victory. Daring to cross the doorway, she falls down to another realm called Fantasy World, which is dominated by the evil emperor Dante. The perilous adventures of Princess Athena begin as she lands in a wilderness overrun by beast-like warriors and more dangers than she could ever wish for. With no other choice, she set outs to face every obstacle on her way to Dante, in order to free this world and make it back alive to her own.

Upon landing, unarmed, the princess only has her kicks to fight the monsters. Her journey requires leaping and climbing as well as fighting through the land’s eight hazardous worlds, each leading up to an oversized enemy that must be dealt with before proceeding to the next area.


Athena can collect the dead enemies’ various weapons, and also has the chance to find shields, headgear, and armor to cover her body. The use of certain weapons such as a hammer allows Athena to break through stone blocks, sometimes revealing not only armor but magic items such as sandals that allow her to make great leaps.

Difficulty Levels

Athena has to defeat the boss at the end of each round to progress to the next level.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to move Athena and the control button to fight here enemies.

Athena is a unique action game mainly because it features a female lead character. It has an interesting storyline and is fun to play.

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