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Baseball Stars Professional™

Baseball Stars was a baseball arcade game. It was a huge success and it revolutionized sports gaming. It introduced many new features such as “create a team” and “create a player”, which made it a revolutionary game. Players can create leagues and view statistics such as League Standings and Top 10 in Average, Home Runs, Runs Batted In, Earned Run Average, Wins, and Saves. Many of these features are seen in video games nowadays.

Baseball Stars Professional™ is a sequel to Baseball Stars™. You can choose from a variety of teams that include Celestial Planets, Heavenly Bodies, Shadow Demons, Battle Knights, Fabulous Superstars, and many others. You can also select the field where the game is to be held: The SNK stadium or the SNK dome. The game is played the same way as normal baseball.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of the game is simple. It is played like a normal baseball game. You have to choose your team and play against your opponents. The pitching is simple: curve balls, fast balls, off speed pitches, and sinkers. The batting is a swing on a level plane, thus it is simply a question of timing. The fielding achieved a level of realism unseen prior to its release. These “ease-of-fielding” features are characterized by examples such as off-screen fielders automatically drifting towards fly balls, fielders catching balls anywhere near them, the ability to jump and dive, infielders shifting to prevent extra base hits down the line when men are on base, etc.


The game has a 10-run mercy rule. Thus, if at the end of any innings, one team is up by a total of 10 runs, the game is called in favor of the leading team. In addition to the 10-run mercy rule, there is also a 100-run mercy rule. If at any point in the game one team attains a lead of 100 or more runs, play is immediately stopped and a winner is declared, even though the innings is not over.

Difficulty Levels

There are no levels in this game. There is just one complete game.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to move your player and the control button to play.

Baseball Stars Professional™ had no major changes made to it and was just like the original Baseball Stars—an extremely enjoyable game.

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