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Do you find all the current fighting and military-style games too difficult and complex to play? Games nowadays involve a lot of strategy and anyone who wants to have a relaxing time cannot enjoy playing them.

Battlezone® is an arcade game from Atari released in 1980. It displays a wireframe view (using vector graphics rather than raster graphics) on a horizontal black and white (with green and red sectioned color overlay) vector monitor. The game involves targeting and destroying enemies to score points.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves finding and destroying tanks, super tanks, flying saucers and missiles. The screen features a plane with a mountainous horizon featuring an erupting volcano, distant crescent moon, and various geometric solids (in vector outline) such as pyramids and blocks. The player views the screen, which includes an overhead radar view to find and destroy the rather slow tanks, or the faster moving supertanks. The game only includes one hostile enemy on the game board at all times.

Scoring points in Battlezone® is simple. A standard enemy tank is worth 1,000 points when destroyed; a supertank is worth 3,000 points; and the flying saucer is worth 5,000 points. The guided missile is worth 2,000 points when destroyed. Each of these targets can be destroyed with a single shot from the player’s tank.


Saucer-shaped UFOs and guided missiles occasionally appear for a bonus opportunity. The saucers differ from the tanks in that they do not fire upon the player and do not appear on radar. The geometric solid obstacles are indestructible, and could block the movement of a player’s tank. However, they are also useful as shields, as they block enemy fire as well.

Difficulty Levels

There are no levels or stages in this game. Just keep firing at the tanks to score points and protect your lives. After you have lost all your lives, the game ends.

Interface and Controls

Battlezone® has the easiest interface and controls. Just use the cursor keys to move the ship and a control button, e.g. a spacebar, to hit the targets.

Battlezone® is one of the most successful games ever made. It is one of the most addictive games to be introduced ever and is still enjoyed by everyone who plays it.

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