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Bio-Hazard Battle™

Do you find all the existing fighting and action games too difficult and complex to play? These days, games involve a lot of strategy and anyone who wants to have a relaxing time playing games find that difficult to achieve. Arcade games were much easier than these games.

Bio-Hazard Battle™ is a 1992 side-scrolling “shoot ‘em up” arcade video game. Unlike other action games, this game has an elaborate plot. During G-Biowar I (the first global biowar), a powerful new form of retrovirus was released as a deadly reprisal from the enemy. The viruses unleashed biological forces which couldn’t be stopped, leaving the planet filled with new and deadly forms of life. Only a few survivors remain in suspended animation in O.P. Odysseus, an orbiting platform circling Avaron. The space station’s purpose is to keep the surviving humans alive until Avaron is habitable again.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves piloting an organic ship to Avaron, flying over areas which the probes have designated least hostile, ascertaining planetary conditions, and finding a new home for the remaining survivors. The player can perform 4 basic moves: move, shoot, dodge, and block.

You have a choice between four types of ships. They include the bird-like blue and red ship Orestes, the reptile-like red and green ship Electra, the bug-like green ship Hecuba, and the fish-like yellow and purple ship Polyxena. These ships all have organic shells, making them look like actual creatures. There are five different types of weapons in the game—one primary and four secondary.


To block an enemy projectile, the player must place the power star in the path of the projectile. The Power Star is your secondary weapon. The Power Star, both a shield and a weapon, floats near the Bioship. As a shield, it stops most creatures from hitting your Bioship.

Difficulty Levels

The player will begin with a pre-set number of lives, from 1 to 5; 3 being the default. When a player is hit by a hostile creature or environment, the ship is destroyed and will reappear with one less life.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to navigate your ship and the control button to attack the enemies.

Bio-Hazard Battle™ is a perfect action game. It has an interesting plot and an innovative gameplay.

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