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The 80’s were called the Golden Age of the Arcade Game. The arcade games introduced during this era set the base for future games. Simple yet fun, these arcade games changed the video gaming industry forever.

Columns™ was one of the first puzzle games to be introduced. Created in 1989, this game is one of the most successful puzzle games ever and has set the base for puzzle games today. The objective of the game is to pile similar symbols to clear the rectangular area inside which the game is taking place.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves a rectangular box in which three differently colored jewels fall. Columns of three differently colored jewels appear, one at a time, at the top of the well and fall to the bottom, landing either on the floor or on top of previously fallen columns. While a column is falling, the player can move it left and right, and can also cycle the positions of the symbols within it.

If, after a column has fallen, there are three or more same symbols connected in a straight line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, those symbols disappear. The pile of columns then settles under gravity. If this causes three or more other symbols to become aligned, they also disappear and the pile settles again. This process repeats as many times as necessary.


Occasionally, a special column called the Magic Jewel appears. The Magic Jewel flashes with different colors and when it lands, it destroys all the jewels with the same color as the one underneath it.

Difficulty Levels

The columns fall at a faster rate as the player progresses. The goal of the game is to play for as long as possible before the well fills up with symbols. The game ends when the column fills and there is no more space for the blocks to fall.

Interface and Controls

The speed and movement of the blocks are controlled by the arrow buttons. The position can be changed by a specific button, such as a space bar.

Columns™ is a basic puzzle game. It is addictive and its colorful graphics make it a extremely enjoyable game to play.

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