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Comix Zone™

“Action game” is a video game genre that emphasizes physical challenges, including hand-eye coordination and reaction-time. Action games have always been a very popular genre of arcade games.

Comix Zone™ is a 1995 arcade action game. The game’s unique feature is that it is set within the panels of a comic book. Each level consists of two pages and secrets are discovered by shredding the paper and revealing items.

The Gameplay

The story of the game is as follows: Sketch Turner, a “starving artist” and freelance rock musician, is working on his newest comic book, named the “Comix Zone.” Comix Zone™ is the story of the New World Empire’s attempt to defend Earth from an invasion of alien renegades. One night, while Sketch is working on Comix Zone during a thunderstorm, a lightning bolt strikes a panel of his comic. In this instant, the main villain of Comix Zone, Mortus, manages to escape the comic book’s pages, and hurl the stunned Sketch into the world of Comix Zone.

To progress in the game, the players have to fight their way past monsters and solve puzzles. Sketch is able to perform punch and kick combos, as well as jump attacks, and is also able to use items stored in his inventory like bombs and knives as weapons and iced tea for health. Sketch is only able to store three items in his inventory at any given time.


Sketch is capable of tearing shreds out of the backdrop and folding them into paper planes to throw at enemies as a weapon. Certain combos will send enemies hurtling, and if a fragile border between frames is in the way, the enemy crashes through it, tearing it to shreds. When confronted with an unbreakable frame barrier, the hero merely swings himself out of the frame, over the top of the border, and back down into the next scene.

Difficulty Levels

The game has many levels. It ends when the player defeats Mortus. If the player loses all the lives the game restarts.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to move Sketch and a control button to shoot at the enemy.

Comix Zone™ is a unique game.Its idea and storyline is very innovative and, thus, make it an outrageously enjoyable game to play.

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