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Double Dribble™

The introduction of arcade games in the 80’s revolutionized the video gaming industry. These simple games were creative and provided the basis of the concepts on which video games are being produced nowadays.

Double Dribble™ is a basketball arcade game released in 1986. Much of the game’s popularity came from its animation sequences showing basketball players performing slam dunks as well as “The Star-Spangled Banner” theme during attract mode, which made it the first arcade game to feature the national anthem.

The Gameplay

Double Dribble™ is played like normal basketball. The player has to choose a team and control the characters in order to defeat the opposing team. Several positions on the court are “hot spots”, high-percentage areas where shots-taken are likely to score points. For example, it is easier to hit a 3-pointer on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. A player could start a 3-point jump shot from the top right or left corner of the court inbounds, and continue the jump out of bounds and even slightly behind the hoop and it would go in nearly every time. Another nearly guaranteed shot is taken with the player standing 3-quarters length of the court away from the goal goes for a running 3-point shot, provided that the shot button is pressed within the other team’s free throw shooting circle. In certain circumstances, the display breaks away from the full court action and shows a close up of the players either dunking the ball or making a shot.


The color of a player’s skin can change mid game. This is the result of the animation that takes place when controlling an individual player, which takes place by way of cycling quickly back and forth between the two skin tones.

Difficulty Levels

There are no levels in this game. There is just one complete match.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to move your player and the control button to play.

Double Dribble™ was one of the first basketball games to ever be released. As basketball is such a popular game, this arcade game was a huge success and can still be enjoyed by everyone.

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