Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine™

Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine
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Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine™

Arcade puzzle games, introduced in the 80’s, were a huge success. These games were creative, fun, addictive, and easy to play. These puzzle games are still enjoyed and loved by everyone who plays them.

Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine™ is a very popular puzzle arcade game. It features Dr. Robotnik, who wants to turn the beans of Beanville into robot slaves. The player has to pair similar beans in order to win the game.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves beans falling from the top in groups of two, coming in various colors and one pair falling each “turn.” The game is played with two opponents, each controlling one of two grids. The player must attempt to arrange the beans into groups of at least four beans all of the same color; should they do this, the beans in the group will disappear.

The game has three main modes. Scenario Mode has the player going through thirteen levels facing Robotnik’s badniks before facing off against Robotnik himself. As the game is played, beans begin to fall faster, making it more difficult to arrange them into desirable configurations. Exercise Mode allows the player to play without a CPU opponent. Another player may join in at any time. The Game Gear version of the game also features Puzzle Mode, in which players must use a limited supply of beans to clear a screen.


Players must also contend with clear or “refugee” beans which are deposited in the player’s grid by their opponent removing larger chains of beans. Refugee beans cannot be removed by being arranged into groups of four; the only way to remove them is to remove normal beans adjacent to the refugee. A player can attempt to send refugees to their opponent in order to frustrate their attempts to remove beans. The player whose screen fills up with beans first loses.

Difficulty Levels

As the game progresses the beans begin to fall at a faster rate. When your screen fills up with beans, your game is over.

Interface and Controls

The interface and controls of the game are the easiest. Just use the arrow keys to move the beans.

Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine™ is a very colorful game. It is addictive and is still one of the most popular puzzle games around.

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