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Ecco the Dolphin™

Arcade puzzle games, introduced in the 80’s, were a huge success. These games were creative, fun, addictive, and easy to play. These puzzle games are still enjoyed and loved by everyone who plays them.

“Ecco the Dolphin”™ is a puzzle video game released in 1992. The central character, Ecco, is a bottlenose dolphin controlled by the player through a progression of side-scrolling aquatic levels. This game was a huge success and many sequels of the game were released. Ecco the Dolphin™ is known for its high difficulty level.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves the player controlling the central character, Ecco the Dolphin™, and progressing through various levels by defeating the enemies. Attacking enemies is accomplished by making Ecco ram into them at high speeds. Swimming could be made progressively faster by tapping a certain button, and the speed could be maintained by holding it down. Players can perform a purely aesthetic spin in the air when jumping out of the water.

Ecco, being a mammal, has to surface periodically for air, or else find an air vent. If the “air meter” runs out, Ecco will lose health rapidly (this represents drowning). His health is measured by a separate meter; it is depleted by enemies or when his air meter has run out, and it is recharged by eating fish, “singing” to clams, or, later in the game, singing to special statues or crystals called “Glyphs.” Ecco is considered by many to have a very high level of difficulty. Among many other things, the twisting underwater passages in many levels, combined with the air limit, often leads to death and frustration.


Ecco can sing, and that allows him to speak with other cetaceans and interact with certain objects. The echolocation feature can also be used; holding down a button would cause the song to return, generating a map of the area. Several levels contain enormous crystals called “Glyphs”, which respond in different ways if Ecco touches or sings to them.

Difficulty Levels

The player has to endure air limits and underwater paths to progress onto the next level safely.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to navigate Ecco and the control button to perform other actions.

Ecco the Dolphin™ is a very innovative game. Its unique gameplay sets it apart from all other puzzle games.

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