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Eternal Champions™

“Fighting” video games are an all time favorite genre. Many fighting arcade games were also released in the 80’s and turned out to be huge successes.

Eternal Champions™ is a 2-D fighting arcade game. The game is based on a very interesting storyline. Nine of the greatest fighters throughout history have met untimely and unjust deaths. They now compete against each other for a chance to face the Eternal Champion and reclaim their souls. The victor will return to Earth with the chance to change his or her fate and restore balance to the universe.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves controlling a character and fighting and defeating the opponent. The nine characters in the game are Shadow Yamoto, R.A.X. Coswell, Jonathan Blade, Jetta Maxx, Slash, Trident, Xavier Pendragon, Mitchell Middleton Knight, and Larcen Tyler. There are different moves that can be used against your opponent. There are three punches and three kicks that vary based upon speed and power. The weakest punches and kicks are fast but do minimal damage; medium attacks are a good mix of recovery, speed, and damage; and strong attacks are the most powerful but recover the slowest. Attacks can be blocked. Grapples are executed by standing close to an opponent and pressing towards or away and either medium or the strong punch button. These attacks cannot be blocked or escaped.

Eternal Champions has a “special attack meter”, which decreases each time a character performs a special move such as a projectile. Different special attacks decrease the meter by different amounts and the characters each have a taunt move that decreases their opponent’s special attack meter as well.


Each character has his or her own unique special attacks that are performed differently from those of other characters. If a character is hit several times in a row, it becomes “dizzy” and its opponent can land a free attack. The game introduces stage-specific finishing moves called “Overkills.” These are performed by defeating an opponent such that they fall upon a certain area of ground. If they land in the right spot, the life bars disappear and some element of the background kills them.

Difficulty Levels

The game ends when the player’s life bar finishes. If the player defeats the opponent, he or she moves onto the next level.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to move the characters. There are many control buttons to punch or kick the opponents.

Eternal Champions™ has all the characteristics of the perfect fighting game and can be enjoyed by everyone.

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