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Fatal Labyrinth™

An RPG (role playing game) is all about assuming the role of the hero and guiding him or her to glory and victory over the forces of evil, through the use of weapons or fighting, until even the most challenging foes are unable to lay a finger on the hero. Many arcade games were produced in this genre.

Fatal Labyrinth™ is an RPG, puzzle arcade video game. The story of the game starts with Dragonia (the castle of doom) that has descended upon earth. Its minions have stolen the Holy Goblet. The player plays the role of Trykaar, who must enter the castle to retrieve the Holy Goblet.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of the game involves the player controlling the character of Trykaar, battling various monsters, and making way up to the 30th floor of the castle where an evil dragon guards the stolen Holy Goblet.

Enemies only move and attack in response to the player’s actions; i.e., when the player takes a step, the enemies take a step. If the hero wanders around a level for too long the screen will flash and the monsters will reappear. Some floors have pits in which the character falls down one level and has to fight monsters on that level again. The hero may also step on an alarm and may become trapped by monsters. Food is an important part of the game. If unfed for extended periods of time, the hero becomes hungry and loses health. Conversely, if too much food is eaten, the character dies of overeating.


On each level of the labyrinth weapons, armor, magic rings, and other items are found, which can be equipped or thrown. Melee weapons include axes, swords, and pole arms {although the length of the weapon determines its characteristics}. Short weapons (axes, short swords) are more powerful but hit less while longer weapons (broad swords, pole arms) usually hit for less damage. Fatal Labyrinth™ also has a wide variety of other items including scrolls, canes, and potions. A key part of the game revolves around identifying which of these items benefit the character and which ones have curses.

Difficulty Levels

There are 30 floors (rounds). Checkpoints exist on every fifth floor; upon dying, the player returns to those floors if they were reached.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys for navigation and control buttons to attack.

Fatal Labyrinth™ is an innovative puzzle game which can have you playing for hours on end.

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