Final Fight

Final Fight
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Final Fight

Do you miss playing those simple and easy arcade video games? Nowadays, video games are very difficult and complicated and cannot be enjoyed by everyone. Arcade games were fun and creative, yet uncomplicated.

Final Fight is a side-scrolling “beat ‘em up” arcade game. Final Fight had a simple game play and an interesting plot. The player takes control of one of three vigilantes who must rescue a kidnapped young woman from a ruthless street gang.

The Gameplay

The game play is very easy and straightforward. Before the game begins, the player chooses between the three main characters, Guy, Cody, and Haggar, each with his own fighting style and attributes. Guy is the weakest but has faster attacks, Haggar is the strongest but also the slowest, and Cody has all-round attributes.

Final Fight is set in the fictional American metropolis of Metro City, based on New York City. A former professional wrestler named Mike Haggar is elected as the new Mayor of the city, promising to handle the city’s criminal problem in his campaign. The Mad Gear gang, the dominant criminal organization of the city, plots to bring Haggar under its control by kidnapping his daughter Jessica and using her as leverage against him. Enlisting the help of Cody, Jessica’s boyfriend and a Martial Arts master himself, as well as Cody’s sparring partner, a ninjutsu master named Guy; Haggar opts to fight the gang instead in order to save his daughter.


The player has different moves to attack the opponents. The player’s character can move in eight directions, but can only face and attack to the left or right like in most beat ‘em ups. Pressing a combination of control buttons simultaneously performs a special move that attacks in both directions, though uses a little vitality. Players can also grab and throw opponents, as well as use various weapons such as knives, pipes, and swords.

Difficulty Levels

Final Fight consists of six stages as well as two bonus rounds. At the end of each round the player will face a boss character unique to that round to progress further.

Interface and Controls

Just use the arrow keys to move your character. Use the control buttons to fight against your opponent.

Final Fight is an addictive game with an innovative game play. It can be played and enjoyed by everyone.

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