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Football Frenzy
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Football Frenzy™

A “sports game” is a computer or video game that simulates the practice of traditional sports. Some games emphasize actually playing the sport whilst others emphasize strategy and organization. These games are a great alternative to sports when you can’t go outside to play.

Football Frenzy™ is a football arcade sports game. It is played like any normal football game; thus, its gameplay is very easy and basic. Quick and action-oriented, Football Frenzy™ is American football boiled down to its simplest terms: select one of three plays, hike the ball, and run for the goal.

The Gameplay

Football Frenzy™ has a very straightforward game play as it is played like normal football. Just select your team and control your characters to achieve the goal of winning the game. The team on offense has four tries (“downs”) to proceed ten yards down the field, with the eventual goal of crossing the opposing team’s goal line on the far end. Once play begins, your team has one simple goal—find whoever has the ball and tackle him to the ground. When you’re close enough to do so, have your character tackle the ball carrier.

Once you’re ready, hit the button to hike the ball. Your receivers will take off down the field. Each receiver will have a letter assigned to him. Once a receiver is in the clear, hit the corresponding button to throw the ball to him. Running plays are functionally similar to passing plays, except the receivers will remain close to the quarterback; handing off the ball is the same as passing it.


Tap the control button repeatedly when your player is running on the field to give him a speed boost. On defense, try and position your players to intercept the other team’s passes. If you catch the ball when the other team’s quarterback throws it, your team gets possession for another four-down attempt to score.

Difficulty Levels

There are no levels in this game. There is just one complete match.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to move your characters and the control buttons to switch between players and to kick the ball.

Football Frenzy™ is a fast-paced game and is perfect for all those football fans out there.

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