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Gain Ground™

Who says video games are a waste of time? There are many video games that make you exercise your thinking skills. Strategy video games are a video game genre that emphasizes skillful thinking and planning to achieve victory. They emphasize strategic, tactical, and sometimes logistical challenges. Various arcade games were produced in this genre, usually mixed with action games.

Gain Ground™ is a 1988 action-strategy arcade game with real-time strategy elements. The objective and the gameplay of the game are very easy. The player has to control a set of characters and use them to defeat the opponents.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves the player controlling a set of characters at a time. There are twenty characters, each with different weapons. To beat a level, players must reach the exit point with at least one character or destroy all enemies on the level before time runs out.

There are twenty playable characters in Gain Ground, each with his / her own strengths and weaknesses. Each character has a minor, weak weapon which can be fired in any direction and a special weapon, which has different capabilities from the normal attack and which varies between characters. The characters are Athra, Betty, Cyber, Fire Knight, Gascon, General, Glow Knight, Honey, Johnny, Kid, Kou, Mam, Mars, Mud Puppy, Professor, Robby, Valkyrie, Verbal, Water Knight and Zaemon.


When selecting a character for a situation, one must consider the character’s speed, weapon type and range, and with which hands they hold their weapons in.

Littered across the level are captive characters, which can be rescued by walking over them and then escorting the controlled character to the exit point. If a player-controlled character is killed, that character turns into a captive. These captives will disappear if the next active player-controlled character dies, the player exits the level without them, or the player has no characters left in his or her party.

Difficulty Levels

There are 40 levels in the game. The game is over when all controlled characters in the party are killed without any reaching the exit.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys for navigation and a control button to attack the opponents.

Gain Ground™ is a very interesting game with an addictive gameplay.

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