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Do you remember those simple arcade video games in which you had to destroy creatures with just one button? Nowadays, due to the advent of 3D technology, video games are more difficult and complicated to play.

Galaga™ was a viral hit when it burst into arcades back in the 80’s. Featuring great additions to the gameplay, solid 1981-era graphics, and very memorable sound effects and jingles, it quickly became a classic arcade game. The game is an all-time favorite and has been played by almost everyone.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves players controlling a laterally moving ship in an effort to destroy the insect-like enemies that incessantly swarm to attack, using missiles—or themselves—as ammunition. Enemy ships swarm in and take up a formation at the top of the screen. Once they’re all done flying into position, they begin to dive down at your ship, firing at you the entire time.

The twist is that the top row of ships, which take two hits to kill, occasionally drop down to somewhere near your level and spit out a tractor beam that will suck your ship up. It takes this new red ship back up to the formation and will use it against you unless you can pop the enemy ship while it’s diving at your next ship. That will free the captive ship, which will float down and join up with your existing ship, forming a double-wide that gives you twice the firepower but at the expense of one of your extra lives.


If you free your captured ship, both ships join together side-by-side, moving and shooting as one and this doubles your firepower and make the game easier. If one of the ships is hit, only that ship is destroyed and the game continues with the surviving ship. Because of the obvious benefit of double firepower, a common strategy is to purposely let a boss capture your ship early in the game, then fight to immediately free it.

Difficulty Levels

Galaga™ has an infinite number of levels. You just need to save your three lives by avoiding the beam of the enemy ships or by not letting your ship get captured.

Interface and Controls

The interface and controls are very easy. A button, usually the space bar, is used to fire at the enemy ships. The arrow keys are used to move the ship.

Galaga™ is a very addictive game. Despite having simple audio and video quality, this game is fun and is quite difficult to stop playing once you have started it. The whole objective of the game is to save your lives and shoot at the enemy ships.

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