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Ghost Pilots™

Even though arcade games were simple, they were very innovative and creative, and that made them extremely enjoyable to play. These games had a unique gameplay or a different storyline which has always attracted gamers and have made these games really interesting.

Ghost Pilots™ is one of these arcade games. It is a vertical-scrolling, shoot ‘em up, arcade game released in 1991 by SNK. The gameplay and objective of the game is very interesting. The player has to control a seaplane and steer it towards the final level, while defeating enemies on the way.

The Gameplay

The gameplay is very interesting, but incredibly difficult even on the easiest difficulty level. Unlike most scrolling shooter games, the player controls a seaplane instead of a spaceship or an airplane. The player has to steer the plane through different levels.

The player starts with three bombs. Next, the player has to choose the bomb types for the seaplane. In the first and last stages, the player has a choice to start with either the mega bomb or the magnetic warhead. In the sea strike stage, the player also has the gas flame bomb to choose. In the air strike stage, the player also has the air mines to choose. At the end, the player has to face a big boss consisting of jumbo bombers, Godzilla-sized tanks, and other large war machines. The player needs to aim for weak points to destroy the bosses. Some bosses fire dangerous fireballs that split when shot by the player, making the battle more difficult.


The player has to battle airplanes, tanks, gunboats, jets, and many other units. Along the way, power-ups can be collected for stronger and more widespread firepower, star medals can be collected for bonus points, and bombs can be added to the inventory for more bomb attacks.

Difficulty Levels

At the end of the game the player must face a tank boss the size of a city to win the game. Losing all three lives will end the game.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys for navigation and a control button to shoot at the enemy.

Ghost Pilots™ has a unique gameplay which makes it an incredibly enjoyable game to play.

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