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Action video games are enjoyed by everyone who plays them. These games feature motivating plots, interesting gameplay, and a lot of excitement. Nowadays action games are very complicated to understand and play. Arcade action games were much easier, even though they had all the elements of a proper action game.

Grobda™ is a multi-directional shooter arcade game that was released by Namco in 1984. Grobda is a proper action game featuring a military-style gameplay. The player controls a tank and the enemies are also shown as tanks. The objective of the game is simple—defeat the enemies to progress to the next levels.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of the game involves the player controlling a tank in an arena filled with numerous indestructible obstacles and several enemies such as tanks. The game uses an overhead view. Enemy tanks attack in waves and they must be destroyed before they do the same to you. You need to shoot at the enemy tanks to destroy them.


When an enemy tank is destroyed, it will cause an explosion and any other enemies that happen to be in the blast radius at the time will also suffer the same fate. But if Grobda is too close to the explosion, it will also be killed. Grobda has a shield that offers temporary protection from enemy fire; constant firing from enemies will make the shield disappear. If Grobda’s shield has disappeared from constantly being under attack, you’ll have to wait until the “energy gauge” at the bottom of the screen refills before you can activate it again.

In some arenas, the Fortresses are stationary, while in others, they can move around and will home in on Grobda if it is nearby. If Grobda is killed by an enemy shot, any enemies who happen to be in range of the explosion it causes will also be killed.

Difficulty Levels

Each level is called a “battling”, and there are 99 in total. If the player loses all the lives, the game ends.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys for navigation and the control buttons to fire at the enemies.

Grobda™ is a military-style action game which sets it apart from other action video games.

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