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Gunstar Heroes™

“Action Game” is a video game genre that emphasizes physical challenges, including hand–eye coordination and reaction-time. Many arcade games are based on this genre.

Gunstar Heroes™ is a “run and gun” arcade video game. The player has to choose weapons and then use them to fight against antagonists.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves the player given the task to choose a weapon from among four weapons to use against the opponent. These weapons can be combined in various pairs to create a total of 14 unique weapons. In addition to the weapons, the player can engage enemies in close quarters combat. It is possible to grab and toss enemies, perform sliding and jumping attacks, and a long-range skid.

The game has a unique plot. An evil organization has created the ultimate weapon, Golden Silver, the God of Ruin, to destroy countless cities on Earth from the moon. The Gunstars saw the Earth turn into a living hell before them and they defeated the evil God of Ruin in a battle. To make sure he was never resurrected, they sealed his body on the moon and took the 4 gems that powered him, and sealed them away in separate places on Earth. Time passed, and a new civilization was built on Earth. Grey, the commander of the dictatorship calling themselves “Empire” sent people to the moon in a battleship called the “Ark”, in order to mine for the 4 gems that would call the God forth. It was then that the leader of the underground mining excursion, Professor Brown, uncovered some capsules, in which the Gunstars were having their long sleep. Once they were awakened, they learned of the Empire’s plan to revive Golden Silver.


Gunstar Heroes™ features four basic weapon types: Force, a powerful shot that fires rapidly; Lightning, a straight shot that goes through enemies; Chaser, which homes in on enemies; and Flame, a shot that is very effective at close range. By combining two weapons, a new weapon can be formed.

Difficulty Levels

If the player loses all available lives, he or she has to restart the level.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to navigate your character and the control buttons to use your weapons.

Gunstar Heroes™ is an extremely interesting game with a gripping storyline that has the player playing on and on till the game ends.

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