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Karate Champ™

Wrestling games are enjoyed by everyone out there who loves to play video games. Wrestling games nowadays are complicated and a lot of keys are used to control your character. On the other hand, arcade wrestling games were simple to play and were enjoyed by everyone.

Karate Champ™ is a 1984 arcade game. It is one of the first fighting games, and has been believed to be the first to use today’s common side-perspective. The objective of the game is simple; control your character to fight against opponents.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of the game is pretty basic and easy. The player assumes the role of a karate competitor and fights against another player or the computer. Using joysticks, players can execute a number of moves.

The gameplay consists of a two dimensional fight between karate characters wearing white or red karate outfit, followed by various bonus rounds for the successful player. This pattern repeats itself in the next more challenging round set against a new background. Unlike most fighter-type games, there are no health bars or hit points. A hit successfully landed ends the round and earns the player or his opponent either one point or half point. The first to score two points is the winner.


The trick to the game is that Karate Champ™ is like a real karate competition in which the first person to get a clean hit in wins. Because of this, you have to block when punches come in, duck when high punches come, and jump over low kicks.

Difficulty Levels

Each round in the game is more difficult and challenging than the previous one. Karate Champ™ is not based on the lives of characters. Each round ends after a player lands a successful hit on the opponent. The game ends when one player gets a total of two points.

Interface and Controls

The interface and controls of Karate Champ™ are pretty easy. Just use the arrow keys to move your character. Use the main control button to deliver all the fighting moves.

Overall, the game is an enjoyable one. The concept of the game is just like all the fighting video games being released nowadays and, thus, it gives you a fun gaming experience.

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