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League Bowling
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League Bowling™

Arcade games were a huge success. These games revolutionized the video gaming industry and bought huge advancements in the technological sector. Arcade games focused on people of all ages and, thus, many games were introduced to attract everyone.

Bowling was very popular in the 80’s. Thus, it was only a matter of time when this game was introduced as an arcade game. Released in 1991, League Bowling™ is a bowling arcade game and was unique in that it was the first arcade game to put emphasis on bowling. The gameplay is very simple as it is played like a normal bowling game.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of the game is very easy and basic. It is designed like a normal bowling game. The players control characters with red and blue hair and can select balls from 9 to 16 pounds.

League Bowling™ has three types of modes; Regulation (played just like a normal game of bowling, with 300 being a perfect score.), Flash (values of 100 to 500 will flash on a randomizer during the time the bowler throws the shot, a strike adds the bonus flash value to the score accumulated at the end of the game), and Strike 90 (played just like regulation except that a strike adds 90 points to the next two shots, and a spare adds 60 points to the next shot. 30 points are awarded in the case of a field goal).


The game is played like a normal bowling game. Thus, the proper direction for throwing the ball should be taken into account before releasing the ball.

Difficulty Levels

There are no levels in the game. There is only one match in the game.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to choose the direction and the control button to release the ball.

League Bowling™ is the perfect game for all those who love bowling. It is an easy game and can be enjoyed by everyone.

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