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Magician Lord™

The 80’s was known as the golden era of arcade games. This is because it was during this era that arcade games were released. These games were simple and easy and were a huge success. Many games were more successful than others and thus had many sequels.

Magician Lord™ is a side-scrolling, platform arcade game that was released in 1990. Magician Lord™ puts you in charge of Elta, a wizard who has the task of collecting eight books of wisdom from the clutches of Az Atorse, the god of destruction.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves the player controlling the main character of Elta the wizard. The story of the game is that the wizard Elta, the last magician lord is on a quest to save his homeland from the evil wizard Gal Agiese. The evil wizard is seeking the god of destruction, Az Atorse, who he plans to resurrect using eight tomes of mystical power. Elta must battle through eight levels to find each of the tomes before he can reach Gal’s fortress and seal away the evil deity once again.

Elta has to jump, shoot, and climb his way to the end of each level where he must beat a servant of Gal, along with one of Gal’s sinister boss creations, in order to progress through the game. To complete the game, Elta must reach the final stage and defeat Az Atorse himself. If the player takes too long to complete a stage, then he or she will be harassed by an invincible monster.


There’s an added twist of transformations in the game that makes Elta more powerful and grants him new attacks. These are the forms that Elta can assume by picking up combinations of colored orbs found throughout the stages: Dragon Warrior, Waterman, Poseidon, Shinobi, Samurai, and Raijin.

Difficulty Levels

There are 8 levels. The player has to defeat the boss at the end of each level to progress further. Losing all three lives ends the game.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to move your character and the control button to attack the enemies.

Magician Lord™ has a standard action-platform gameplay and, thus, is a very challenging video game.

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