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Anyone who has played arcade games would agree with the fact that these games provided the basic idea for all the games that are being produced these days. Platform games, wrestling games, vector graphic games—they had them all.

Mappy® is a 1983, side-scrolling, platform arcade game that features cartoon-like characters, primarily cats and mice.  The game’s main character itself is a mouse. The objective of the game is to guide the mouse to retrieve stolen stuff.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves guiding Mappy, the police mouse, through a mansion of cats called Mewkies to retrieve stolen goods. The mansion has six floors of hallways in which the stolen items are stashed. The items are: radios, televisions, computers, Mona Lisa paintings, and safes. The items come in pairs; should Mappy get paired items one after another, the point values of the second matching item get multiplied.

Mappy® and the cats move between the floors by bouncing on trampolines at various places in the house. When they pass in the air, Mappy is unharmed by the cats, but should Mappy run into a cat anywhere else, he will lose a life.


The trampolines will break if Mappy bounces on them four times in a row. The trampolines change color depending on how many times Mappy has used them without a rest: green (zero bounces), blue (one bounce), yellow (two bounces), red (three bounces). If a trampoline breaks and there is either nothing or a floor under the broken trampoline, Mappy will lose a life.

In addition to Meowkies, the boss cat Nyamco also roams around. Should Mappy recover an item which Nyamco is hiding behind, the player gets a bonus of 1000 points. Many of the hallways have doors which Mappy can slam open or shut to temporarily knock out the Mewkies or Nyamco. Some of these are special “microwave doors” which release a wave which sweeps away any cat in its path off the edge of the screen and out of the house.

Difficulty Levels

A level is completed when all the loot is retrieved. If Mappy tarries too long, a “Hurry” sign appears after which the music and the cats speed up, and more Mewkies are added. As there are 256 rounds the last round’s play is normal, but harder than usual.

Interface and Controls

Just use the arrow keys to navigate Mappy around.

Mappy® is an interactive and enjoyable game with colorful and creative graphics.

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