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Arcade games were so easy and simple to play. Now, with the advent of new technology, far more sophisticated games have been produced, but these arcade games are still played and enjoyed by people everywhere.

Millipede® is one of the easiest and most successful arcade games around. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by destroying all segments of the millipede as it moves toward the bottom of the screen, as well as destroying and avoiding other enemies.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves shooting a millipede and eliminating it, while avoiding dangers such as bees, earwigs, and spiders. The player is represented by a small, humanoid head at the bottom of the screen. The player moves the character about the bottom area of the screen and fires laser shots at a millipede advancing from the top of the screen down through a field of mushrooms. Shooting any section of the millipede creates a mushroom; shooting one of the middle segments splits the millipede into two pieces at that point.

The enemies include earwigs (who make the mushrooms poisonous so that the millipede will charge straight to the bottom of the screen after touching them), bees (which drop mushrooms in a vertical line), spiders (bouncing irregularly across the lower portion of the screen), inchworms (when hit, slows all enemies for a short period of time), beetles (when hit, everything on the screen scrolls down one row), dragonfly (drops mushrooms while zigzagging down), mosquito (when hit, everything on the screen scrolls up one row).


At regular intervals during the game, the player will face a swarm of enemies (bees, dragonflies, etc.) instead of the usual millipede. Each enemy destroyed awards increasing points, up to a maximum of points per enemy. A DDT bomb can be blown up with one shot, destroying all enemies and mushrooms within the blast radius.

Difficult Levels

The game ends when the player loses all the lives available.

Interface and Control

Use the control button to shoot at the enemies.

Millipede® is a fun and easy game. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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