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Missle Command®

The development of arcade games in the 80’s led to the introduction of many famous games.  These games are still being played today.

Missile Command® is a 1980 arcade game. It is considered one of the most notable games from the Golden Age of Video Arcade Games. The plot of Missile Command is simple: the player’s six cities are being attacked by an endless hail of ballistic missiles, some of them even splitting into multiple independently “targetable” reentry vehicles (MIRVs), and (in later levels) smart bombs which can evade a less than perfectly targeted missile. As a regional commander of three anti-missile batteries, the player must defend six cities in their zone from being destroyed.

The Gameplay

The game is played by moving a “crosshair” across the sky background and launching a counter-missile from the appropriate battery. Counter-missiles explode upon reaching the crosshair, leaving a fireball that persists for several seconds and destroys any enemy missiles that enter it. There are three batteries, each with ten missiles; a missile battery becomes useless when all its missiles are fired, or if the battery is destroyed by enemy fire. The missiles of the central battery fly to their targets at much greater speed.

The game is staged as a series of levels of increasing difficulty; each level contains a set number of incoming enemy weapons. The weapons attack the six cities, as well as the missile batteries. Being struck by an enemy weapon results in destruction of the city or missile battery. Enemy weapons are only able to destroy 3 cities during one level. A level ends if all the cities are destroyed, or when all enemy weaponry is destroyed or reaches its target. A player who runs out of missiles no longer has control over the remainder of the level.


Launch the missiles when the enemies are near so that they can hit the target and destroy the enemy missiles.

Difficulty Levels

The game inevitably ends when all six cities have been wiped out. Like most early arcade games the game just keeps going with ever faster and more prolific incoming missiles. The game, then, is just a contest in seeing how long the player can survive.

Interface and Controls

Just use the control button to launch the missiles.

Missile Command® is a very easy, yet addictive game and has continued to enthrall gamers everywhere.

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