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Nam 1975
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Nam – 1975™

Military style action games are everyone’s favorite. Packed with excitement and a lot of action, these games are never boring. Many arcade games were released in this genre. They were simple yet interesting and fun.

Nam – 1975™ is a 1990 war-themed action shooting game released by SNK. This action game has an innovative storyline along with simple gameplay. The game tells a very fictional account of the final months of the Vietnam War. The story begins with two soldiers entering the war to rescue Dr. R. Muckly, a mad ex-scientist of the American Army, who has been kidnapped by Northside Terrorists. Nancy Muckly, Dr. Muckly’s daughter, has also been kidnapped.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of the game involves the player traveling through Vietnam to stop Dr. Muckly and his world-destroying laser machine. In the game, you must shoot enemy soldiers, tanks, helicopters, jeeps, and more by aiming the machine gun cursor and shooting at them.

Pressing down on the joystick while running at the same time will cause your character to perform a somersault and be invincible for a second. At the end of every location, you will need to defeat a series of bosses. The player starts off with a standard machine gun with infinite ammo and 10 normal grenades. When certain enemies are killed, they drop collectable guns or grenades. The guns consist of the Balcan (a more powerful machine gun), the Flamethrower (a gun for taking out ground units only), and the Missile Launcher. The grenades consist of the normal grenades, the Spark Bomb, and the Napalm Bomb.


Within each location, you can pick up more powerful weapons such as machine guns and flame throwers, but these have a limited supply of ammunition. In addition, if you save a hostage, he or she will help the player by shooting at enemies until the player is killed.

Difficulty Levels

Defeat the boss at the end of each level to progress further.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to move and the control button to perform various actions.

Nam – 1975™ is a perfect action game with a lot of excitement and innovation.

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