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Ninja Commando
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Ninja Commando™

“Action game” is a video game genre that emphasizes physical challenges, including hand-eye coordination and reaction-time. These games are difficult yet exciting. Many arcade games were based on this genre.

Ninja Commando™ is a top-down, vertically-scrolling, “run and gun” video game released in 1992. The objective and gameplay of the game is similar to that of a standard arcade action game. The player has to choose between three Ninja characters to fight against the antagonists.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of the game is very simple. The players battle their way up the top-down perspective screen. The players can choose between three ninja characters: Joe, descended from the Koga ninja; Rayar, a woman who has learned the ways of the Iga ninja; and Ryu, descendant of the famous ninja Fuma Kotaro. The players pursue the merchant of death known as Spider, who plans to use a time machine to bring havoc to the world. Each of the characters has a set of fighting game-style input commands that unleash their scroll-based “ninpo” special moves. The game’s stages end with boss battles. The action scrolls vertically, progressing towards the inevitable battle against a super-powered historical figure, e.g. a dinosaur, a medieval samurai, an Egyptian pharaoh, etc.


Each hero features a variety of attack options in addition to his or her own normal attack, including a deadly attack that inflicts damage on all enemies on the screen, special ninja-arts attacks, and finally, a powerful attack unleashed by taking on the “shape of the beast.”

Difficulty Levels

There are 7 time periods (levels). Defeating a “boss” sends you through time to another era.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys for navigation and the control button to administer all the actions.

Ninja Commando™ is a classic action game with unique fighting styles and an innovative gameplay.

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