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Are you tired of new, complex video games that are being produced nowadays? Games are supposed to be fun and are supposed to relax your mind, but video games nowadays are far away from relaxing.

Many of you must have played the video game that revolutionized the video game industry in the 80’s—PACMAN®. PACMAN® is a fun-filled, simple and yet stimulating game that will get you addicted no matter what age you are or decade you live in.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves  controlling a yellow ball (that’s Pac-Man®!) inside a maze-like map, eating Pac-dots that pave the corridors, while avoiding the ghosts that roam within them, eager to catch the dot eater. Simply run around a maze eating pellets whilst being chased by ghosts.  The game is very easy to understand, unlike most games today.


A warp tunnel lets you teleport from one side of the maze to the other. Whenever PAC-MAN® stumbles across a power-pellet, he’d be temporarily invincible and able to chase down the ghosts, devouring them with his gaping jaws hinged horrifically wide open. Pieces of fruit also appear in the middle of the maze at regular intervals, which you can eat for bonus points. Monitoring the ghosts’ behavior is the key to succeeding in staying alive. Each colored ghost—Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde—has a different general behavior which, if understood, can help you predict where they’ll go in the maze, helping you in keeping them at bay.

Difficulty Levels

PACMAN® progresses after completing each maze, by eating up every dot on the screen. The mazes all look the same; the only difference is that the speed of the game increases, making things more difficult as you go on.  You win only one extra life when you reach 10,000 points, and the game goes on until you lose all your lives.

Interface and Controls

PACMAN® has the easiest interface and controls. Just use the cursor keys to move the yellow bubble up, down, left or right.

PACMAN® is a phenomenon. PACMAN® isn’t a complex game, and its graphics and audio are old by today’s standards. Nevertheless, it continues to captivate new generations of players with its simple design and ever-increasing difficulty.

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