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Pac & Pal™

The 80’s was the golden era for arcade games. Innumerable games were released with innovative ideas and simple gameplays. Many arcade games turned out to be a huge success and among them was Pac-Man.

Who doesn’t remember Pac-Man? One of the most successful and simple arcade games, Pac-Man revolutionized the video gaming industry. Due to its huge demand, it was followed by many sequels. Pac & Pal™ is one of its sequels.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves Pac-Man eating all the items before he is caught by the ghosts. Most of the items are fruits from the original Pac-Man game with a few new additions. Their value varies, starting with cherries at fifty points. The items have to first be unlocked by turning over cards distributed around the maze. As the name clearly suggests, Pac-Man has a pal in this game, an exclusive character: Miru. She is a green female ghost (denoted by her hair bow) that looks like a gooseberry with legs.

Simply run around the corridors of the maze, avoiding ghosts and eating all the food items. The game is very easy to understand and play.


When an item is unlocked, Miru will wander around, giving Pac-Man some time to try to get the item. After some time, she will take it into the ghost house where it will be lost forever. This might help in clearing the level. If she brings the last one there, it automatically clears the level. She is not affected by the other ghosts.

Another new feature is a shooting capability. Instead of having energizers, two of the collectible items are the level’s particular bonus symbol, which line up at the bottom of the screen as each new level is reached. When Pac-Man eats these he has the power to shoot a ray, smoke, musical notes, freezing rays, and little Pac-Man’s at the ghosts. This stuns them and while the ghosts are stunned, Pac-Man can pass right through them.

Difficulty Levels

Pac & Pal™ progresses after completing each maze, by eating up every dot on the screen. The game goes on until you lose all your lives.

Interface and Controls

Pac & Pal™ has the easiest interface and controls. Just use the cursor keys to move the yellow bubble up, down, left, and right.

Pac & Pal™ is a revolutionary game.  It is enjoyed by everyone who plays it.

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