Prehistoric Isle in 1930™

Prehistoric Isle in 1930
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Prehistoric Isle in 1930™

Do you remember those simple arcade video games in which you could destroy creatures with just one button? Nowadays, due to the advent of 3-D technology, video games are more difficult and complicated to play.

Prehistoric Isle in 1930™ is a shoot-‘em-up arcade video game which was released in 1989. A shoot-‘em-up game is one in which the player controls a flying object while shooting and dodging a large number of enemies. The antagonists in this game are dinosaurs and it is set in prehistoric times (as the title tells you).

The Gameplay

The gameplay of the game is typical of a shoot-‘em-up video game. The player controls a biplane armed with a machine gun. The player has to battle dinosaurs such as pterodactyls, cavemen, and weird bee-like dinosaurs throughout five levels, set in standard locations (jungle, sky, canyon, ocean, volcano), and face bosses like Brachiosaurus and Amonite at the end of each level.

The storyline is that a pterodactyl-infested island in the Bermuda Triangle has been causing mysterious accidents, so your country wants you to battle several vicious dinosaurs. Your nation has been hit hard by economic depression and, thus, you can only afford two planes throughout the game.


An optional weapon may be equipped as well. Depending on the position of the optional weapon it may increase the machine gun firepower, drop bombs, aerial mines or shoot fireballs. You can get power-ups (mechanical additions to your plane) in the form of floating eggs.

Difficulty Levels

There are 5 levels in the game. The player has three lives and the game ends if the player loses all those. The player has to defeat bosses at the end of each level to progress further.

Interface and Controls

The interface and controls are easy. Use the arrow keys for navigation and a control button to shoot at the enemies.

Prehistoric Isle in 1930™ is a perfect action game. Its unique storyline sets it apart from other games.

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