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Psycho Soldier
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Psycho Soldier

An action game is a video game that features a lot of drama and excitement. Usually these games have an interesting storyline that captivates the attention of the players and motivates them to finish all the levels. Various arcade games were released in this genre.

Psycho Soldier is an action arcade game released in 1986. It is a sequel to the game “Athena.” Psycho Soldier is noteworthy for being the first video game with a vocal in-game soundtrack.

The Gameplay

Psycho Soldier takes place many years after the plot of the Athena arcade game. In Athena, Princess Athena goes to Fantasy World which was dominated by the evil emperor Dante to fight him in order to free Fantasy World. In the modern times of Psycho Soldier, a young girl named Athena Asamiya, who is actually the descendant of the original Athena, displays special psychic abilities that allow her to unlock a number of hidden powers within herself. Several evil beings have been appearing in her hometown in Japan, and along with her friend and fellow gifted psychic Sie Kensou, she attempts to use her talents to protect her friends and home from this menace.

Psycho Soldier is an action side-scroller. The player controls Athena while destroying several harmful objects and enemies and utilizing a special force known as “Psycho Energy” to perform a number of attacks, including creating a shield of rotating spheres around the character’s body for protection. The amount of Psycho energy is measured by the energy bar located to the left of the player’s health bar, and can be increased by obtaining certain items.


While advancing through the game’s levels, the player may come across rocks and other destructible objects that may hold items that either increase Athena or Kensu’s power, or make enemies more difficult to defeat.

If the player’s energy bar happens to be full, a green egg will transform her into a powerful “Psycho Creature”—in Athena’s case a phoenix, and for Kensu a green dragon.

Difficulty Levels

Athena has to defeat the boss at the end of each round to progress to the next level.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to move Athena and the control button to fight the enemies.

Psycho Soldier is a very unique game with a female lead character that is fun to play for people of all ages.

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