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Rally X®

Arcade games were released in a variety of genres. Platform games, fighting games, racing games, and maze games were just a few genres in which the arcade games were available. These games were successful in setting up the basic ideas for the video gaming industry.

Rally-X® is a maze driving arcade game that was released in 1980. It was the first game to feature “Special Flags.” It was the first game ever to feature a bonus round. The object is to “capture” all the flags scattered in the field before the other racers hit you. It also features an early example of radar, to show the car’s location on the map.

The Gameplay

The gameplay is very easy. The player gets a blue car, which is used to drive around a maze-like racing track. In each stage, ten flags are scattered around the maze. The player must collect all of them to clear the stage and move on. There are also special flags—if the player collects one of them, the value earned from flags doubles for the rest of the round.

Like every other arcade game, there are enemies in this game too. Several red cars patrol the maze, and contact with any of them results in the end of the game. There are also stationary rocks that the player must avoid. The rocks are randomly distributed throughout the maze, increasing in number as levels are advanced.


The players can use a smoke screen to defend themselves against the red cars. If a red car runs into a cloud of smokescreen, it will be momentarily stunned.

The car has limited amount of fuel which is consumed with time, though it is normally sufficient to last until all the flags have been cleared. If the fuel finishes, the car starts moving very slowly and the smoke screen no longer works.

Difficulty Levels

There are many levels in this game. The game ends when the player loses all the lives.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to navigate you car around the maze.

Rally-X® was a phenomenon. Its features and graphics are almost like all the other racing games that we play nowadays.

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