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Platform games are the easiest video games. A platform game is a video game characterized by requiring the player to jump to and from suspended platforms or over obstacles. These games are simple and fun to play.

Ristar™, also known as “Ristar the Shooting Star” is a platform arcade video game released in 1995. The game has a creative gameplay and delightful animations. The game stars a humanoid cartoon star that uses his hands and long, stretchable arms to both move and combat enemies.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of the game is very innovative. The player has to control the character of Ristar, the Shooting Star. The game takes place in the seven-planet Valdi System. An evil space pirate, Kaiser Greedy, has made the planets’ leaders obey him. The inhabitants of Planet Neer pray for a hero before Greedy takes over them. The desperate prayers reach the nebula of the Star Goddess, Oruto, who awakens one of her children, Ristar, with the sole purpose of granting the wishes of the innocent people.

Ristar™ has relatively small jumping abilities, but has very long arms that can be used to grab objects or handles and boost mobility. Ristar™ also uses his long arms to grab enemies, which he then proceeds to pull towards him and head butt to defeat. Ristar’s health is shown as four stars in the upper-right corner of the screen.


The game also features “cranks” that, when grabbed by Ristar, spin him round and round until he lets go, which shoots him off in a given direction. If he has enough momentum, Ristar will begin to fly with a trail of stars behind him, which makes him invincible and able to kill any enemy touched. Every regular level also contains one hidden crank that sends Ristar to a bonus stage, which involves getting through an obstacle course within a given time limit.

Difficulty Levels

The game contains six planets; each planet contains 2 standard levels, with a mini-boss in the first level and a major boss after the second level. After all levels are completed, the game concludes with a final boss fight. The game ends if the player loses all the lives.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to navigate and the control buttons to perform various actions.

Ristar™ is a delightful game which can be enjoyed by everyone.

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