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Robo Army™

“Beat ‘em up” was a very popular genre of arcade games. The protagonist had to fight against the antagonist to save the world or to prevent the enemy from succeeding in whatever evil scheme he had in mind.

Robo Army™ is a beat ‘em up, side scrolling arcade game released in the 80’s. The game features all the elements of a fighting game.

The Gameplay

The gameplay revolves around a storyline. The insane Doctor Jeed holds an entire city hostage and it’s up to cybernetic soldier Maxima and his android buddy Rocky to stop this crazy scientist from harvesting the brains of his captives. Jeed is so determined to carry out his bizarre experiments that he’s manufactured hundreds of robots to defend his secret laboratory.

Press the start button to begin your battle against Jeed’s android army. After a brief introduction, Maxima (and his sidekick Rocky, in a two-player game) will appear on the left side of the screen. Press the controller in any direction to walk in that direction, and the jump button to activate the thrusters in your legs, briefly lifting your heavy frame off the ground. Maxima and Rocky have hydraulic-powered fists, capable of punching a hole through solid steel. Press punch immediately after a jump and you’ll perform a crushing jump kick. You can grab your robotic rivals simply by walking into them.


The characters are also given a super weapon, which is fully charged at the beginning of the game. Use the super button, and blue waves of energy will engulf the screen, destroying all nearby enemies. The power of this weapon is reduced every time it’s used. Some robots refuse to fight face to face, and will try to sneak in cheap hits while your back is turned. You can defeat these robots by administrating a backward kick.

Difficulty Levels

The game ends when all three lives of the players are lost.

Interface and Control

Use the arrow keys to move and the control buttons to administer your fighting moves.

Robo Army™ is an innovative game with colorful graphics and an interesting game play.

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