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Arcade games used to be so easy and simple to play. Back in the 80’s they were all the rage. Now, with the advent of new technology, new games have been introduced but these arcade games are still played and enjoyed by people all around the world.

Sengoku™ is a “beat ‘em up” genre game and the first arcade game of the Sengoku trilogy. This game is a fighting game and features all the elements that make up a proper fighting game, i.e. a storyline, characters, and an interesting gameplay.

The Gameplay

The gameplay is very basic and easy to understand. The gameplay involves the player controlling a character and fighting against the opponents. A player has a maximum of five health points. When certain enemies are defeated, spirits of powerful forms are available to transform into. The three different forms are a samurai warrior, an armor-clad wolf, and a more agile ninja. These forms have limited use, their attacks and jumps differ from the original form and their powers are enhanced by any power-ups collected. The player can attack the enemy with fists, swords, or other weapons.

The plot of the game is as follows. Centuries ago, a cruel warlord was defeated but he had sworn to return in the future. When he does, he unleashes undead forces of feudal Japanese warriors to destroy the world and its people, opposed only by the two protagonists, a ninja or a Western cowboy.


Throughout the game the player will need to survive the hordes of enemies by collecting colored orbs as power-ups. Five Green orbs heal one health point. A Red orb gives the player a single sword, a Cyan orb gives the player double sword, the Purple orb gives the player a two-handed holy sword, and a Yellow orb gives the player a limited magical attack.

Difficulty Levels

The player has three lives at the start of the game, the game ends when the player loses all these lives.

Interface and Controls

The interface and controls of the game are very easy. Use the arrow keys to move the character and the control button to use your weapons.

Sengoku™ is just like any other fighting game. However, its unique storyline and missions set it apart from other games and makes it a very enjoyable game for everyone out there.

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