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Shadow Dancer™

Action games are enjoyed by everyone. Having a simple gameplay, an interesting storyline, and a unique mission to complete, these games can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Many arcade games were released in this genre and were loved by everyone who played them.

Shadow Dancer™ is a side-scrolling action arcade game released in 1989. The video game has an interesting plot; a terrorist group is planting numerous time bombs throughout the city. The player (a ninja master), accompanied by a canine partner, sets out on a mission to dismantle the bombs and destroy the criminal syndicate behind these acts.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of the game is very simple. The player has to control the character of the ninja master who is on a mission to dismantle bombs planted throughout the city and destroy the criminal gang who planted these bombs. There are four different missions, consisting of three stages for the first mission and four stages each for the remaining three. The player must collect a certain amount of time bombs scattered throughout the first few stages. The final stage in each mission is a confrontation between the player and a boss.

A canine companion follows the player around. When the dog barks on an enemy, the player can “sic” the dog on the enemy by pressing the attack button while crouching, allowing the player an opportunity to attack the enemy while he is being bitten by the dog. However, if the player takes too long to attack the enemy being bitten, or the enemy has a strong defense, then the dog will be hurt and he will turn into a harmless pup.


The player’s weapons consist of an unlimited supply of shurikens which he throws from a distance and a sword which he swings when an enemy is near him or her. When the player collects a certain time bomb in each stage, it will replace his or her regular shurikens into stronger fiery versions, as well as the sword into powerful punches and kicks for the remainder of the stage. The player can also use from one of three random “Ninja Magic” spells that will clear the entire screen of enemies.

Difficulty Levels

There are 15 stages in all. The game ends when the player loses all the lives.

Interface and Controls

Use the control buttons to attack the enemies and the arrow keys for navigation.

Shadow Dancer™ has all the elements of a perfect action game.

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