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Shining in the Darkness™

Role-playing games are a video game genre that uses much of the same terminology, settings, and game mechanics as early pen-and-paper role-playing games. Generally, the player controls a small number of game characters, usually called a party, and achieves victory by completing a series of quests and reaching the conclusion of a central storyline. Players explore a game world while solving puzzles and engaging in tactical combat.

Shining in the Darkness™, released in 1991, is an action RPG arcade video game. In an action RPG, the player has direct control over the characters. These games incorporate all the elements of an action or adventure game.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of the game involves the player controlling the main character as he and two friends (Pyra and Milo) explore 3-dimensionally rendered dungeon mazes. Shining in the Darkness is a “dungeon-crawler” RPG. The game consists of storyline interaction, dungeon exploration, random monster fights, and predetermined boss fights.

Shining in the Darkness is set in the kingdom of Thornwood. The king’s daughter and the main character’s father have vanished, while the evil sorcerer Dark Sol has appeared to threaten the kingdom. The main character is charged to find the Arms of Light, rescue the princess and his father, and stop Dark Sol.


Monster encounters happen randomly during dungeon exploration at which point turn-based combat proceeds.

Additionally, the dungeon contains three characters in need of rescue. Rescuing any or all of the three is optional, and the story changes depending on whether or not the player locates and returns each of these characters to safety.

Difficulty Levels

The player has to defeat all the enemies to move onto the next level (dungeon). The game ends when the player loses all of the lives.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow buttons to move the characters and a control button to fight against the enemies.

Shining in the Darkness™ has good graphics and an interesting gameplay which makes it an enjoyable game to play for all.

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