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Shining Force™

A “turn-based strategy” (TBS) game is a strategy game (usually some type of war game, especially a strategic war game) where players take turns while playing. This is different from “real time strategy” by the fact that in real time strategy where all players play simultaneously. Many action games are turn-based strategy games.

Shining Force™, also known as “Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention™”, is a 1992 turn-based strategy, role-playing arcade video game. While primarily a traditional fantasy-themed game, it contains some “steampunk” elements, incorporating some science fiction elements. The player has to control a complete unit in the game to fight against the enemies.

The Gameplay

The game opens in the Kingdom of Guardiana, in the land of Rune. The silent protagonist, Max, is sent on a mission to prevent the evil Darksol, who commands the hordes of Runefaust, from opening the Shining Path and resurrecting Dark Dragon. Along the way, Max recruits a number of allies to join the Shining Force.

Shining Force is a turn-based tactical RPG. Battles take place in square grids, and each unit occupies one square. Depending on its location relative to enemies and to allies, a unit can also perform one action: attack, cast a spell, use an item, or search the area. Some commands, such as equipping or dropping items, do not count as actions. Units become stronger by fighting enemies or by performing other actions in battle, such as healing allies. These actions give the units experience points which allow them to gain levels.


Battle goals for the player are fairly simple: kill all enemies, kill the enemies’ leader, or advance to a town or landmark. The enemy side wins if it kills the player’s leader, Max, or if the player chooses to escape the battle by casting Egress. Even if the player army is defeated, the player can recover allies and retry the battle. Thus, there is no “Game Over” and the player’s army gets stronger even upon its defeat; although Max’s death results in the player losing half of the money collected throughout the game.

Difficulty Levels

The player has to defeat various enemies in each level to progress to other levels.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys for navigation and a control button to perform actions.

Shining Force™ has a very interesting gameplay which makes it an addictive game to play.

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