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Super Pac-Man™

Many arcade game that were released in the 80’s made a huge impact on the video gaming industry. Pac-Man was one of these games. A simple puzzle game, Pac-Man was enjoyed by everyone and continued on to be a huge success. Due to its popularity, many sequels to the game were released.

Super Pac-Man™ is the third installment of the Pac-Man series. There were a few changes made and new features introduced in this game. But the game play remained the same; Pac-Man™ moved in a maze, eating items and dodging the enemies.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of the game involves controlling Pac-Man inside a maze-like map, eating items and avoiding the ghosts that roam around the corridors. Sound and gameplay mechanics were altered radically from the first version of Pac-Man; instead of eating dots, the player is required to eat keys in order to open doors, which open up sections of the maze that contain what in earlier games were known as “fruits”, which are now the basic items that must be cleared.

Once all the food is eaten, the player advances to the next level, in which the food is worth more points. In earlier levels, keys unlock nearby doors, while as the player progresses through the levels, it is more common for keys to open faraway doors. Pac-Man can enter the ghost house at any time without a key.


Two super pellets are available and will turn Pac-Man into Super Pac-Man for a short time. In this form, he becomes much larger, can move with increased speed when the “Super Speed” button is held down, and has the ability to eat through doors without unlocking them. He is also invulnerable to the ghosts.

A point bonus can be scored if Pac-Man eats a star that appears between the two center boxes while assorted symbols flash inside them.

Difficulty Levels

The game moves onto the next level when all the keys are eaten. The game ends if the player loses all his or her lives.

Interface and Controls

Super Pac-Man™ has the easiest interface and controls. Just use the cursor keys to move the yellow bubble up, down, left, and right.

Super Pac-Man™ provides all Pac-Man lovers an exceptional and unique way to enjoy their favorite game.

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