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Sword of Vermillion™

Role-playing video games (RPG) are video games in which the player controls a small number of game characters, usually called a party, and achieves victory by completing a series of quests and reaching the conclusion of a central storyline. RPG was a popular genre in arcade video games.

Sword of Vermilion™ is a console role-playing arcade video game released in 1989. Sword of Vermilion™ is about the son of Erik, King of Excalabria, who takes on a quest of revenge to defeat Tsarkon and free the world of Vermilion from evil.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves the player controlling the character of Erik. In the town of Excalabria people went about their business, and tended to the fields. One day, vicious fighting broke out everywhere as the army from Cartahena, led by the wizard-king Tsarkon, swarmed all over the town. The townsmen were overwhelmed, and the castle of King Erik V collapsed. Erik V summoned his bravest warrior, Blade, and gave him his infant son and an ancient family heirloom, the Ring of Wisdom. Erik ordered Blade to save himself and the child while the castle burned. Blade traveled to a small village named Wyclif, where he settled down and raised the child as his own son. Eighteen years later, the son of Erik begins his quest.

The quest consists of traveling to towns and villages, battling creatures to gain experience and finding items such as swords, shields, and armor, as well as many other items such as Herbs and Candles. Boss monsters take the form of larger, stronger creatures. No magic can be used while fighting them.


The player can perform actions like kick, jump, and punch. The gameplay features different views and play style from more traditional RPGs of the time such as the “Battle View” (a tilted overhead view where the player takes full control of the character in real-time combat. The player can use weapons and magic and the “Boss View: which puts the player up against a boss from a sideways viewpoint.

Difficulty Levels

Defeat the boss at the end of each round to progress further.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to move the characters and the control buttons to perform various actions.

Sword of Vermilion™ is an interesting action game with exciting quests which motivates the player to complete the game.

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