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Wonder Boy III™

Platform arcade games were, without any doubt, the most popular arcade games. These games were easy, had an interesting storyline, and were really addictive. These games were enjoyed by everyone and are an all-time favorite.

Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair™ is a side-scrolling action game released in 1988. It is the third game in the Wonder Boy series. The objective of the game is to progress through each round, fighting enemies and to destroy their land.

The Gameplay

The gameplay is very simple. The player controls a green-haired boy hero named Leo, a pink-haired girl hero named Princess Purapril, who must attack the invaders that attempt to collect weapons and use them to destroy the land.

The game balances basic concepts found in both platform games and arcade shooters. The players are able to jump and shoot projectiles from a sword. They must ride a flying dragon and confront a large enemy or villain (boss) throughout the second half of each round. The player’s life bar steadily diminishes as time passes. Health is gained through collection of fruit and projectile weapons. Some fruits, when shot, will expand and burst into multiple items.


In the action scenes, the player’s vitality decreases as he or she moves towards the skull, but this can be restored by collecting fruit. A wide variety of weapons can be picked up, and not only do these allow the player to use the weapons for a limited amount of time, but they also increase vitality.

There is an enemy (boss) waiting at the end of each level that must be defeated. Every boss changes color to show how much damage has been done to it.

Difficult Levels

If the vitality (life bar) gets low, the player loses a life. The game ends when the player loses all the available lives. The player progresses onto the next level after defeating the main enemy at the end of each level.

Interface and Controls

The interface and controls are very easy. Use the arrow keys to move the character and a control button to make it jump.

Wonder Boy III™ is a very enjoyable game with colorful graphics and simple gameplay.

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