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World Heroes™

The 80’s was known as the golden era of the arcade game. This is because it was during this era that arcade games were released and soared to prominence and success. These games were simple and easy. Many games were more successful than the others and, thus, had many sequels.

World Heroes™ is one such name. It is a series of arcade games released in 1992. It is a classic fighting game with a unique storyline. A scientist, Dr. Brown, having perfected a time machine, organizes a tournament for various fighters throughout all of history to combat each other. True to this plot, many of the fighters are based on actual historical figures, while some are fictional ones.

The Gameplay

The gameplay is like many other fighting games. The player has to engage in combat with opponents and defeat them in order to win the game. The game has the same moves which other fighting games have, i.e. punching, kicking, and throwing. The punch and kick buttons are pressure-sensitive, so the harder the players press, the more powerful the punches or kicks become, while lighter taps can create weaker, but faster, punches or kicks.

There are eight playable characters in the roster and two different play modes for players to choose from: “Normal Game” and “Death Match”. In Normal Game, players have to defeat the other seven playable characters in a random order, followed by a battle against the final boss Geegus. Death Match acts like Normal Mode with a difference. Players will fight in a ring with environmental hazards such as electrical barriers, spiked walls, oil puddles, and others which players must avoid while fighting.


Introduced in the fighting game genre by World Heroes™ are some abilities exclusive to some characters that were used in several later fighting games, such as multi-jumping using Hanzou and Fuuma, and shooting projectiles from the air using Rasputin.

Difficulty Levels

The player has to win a round against an opponent to move onto the next round (or level).

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow keys to move your character and the control buttons to hit your opponents.

World Heroes™ is a proper fighting game with different fighting moves, a protagonist, and an antagonist.

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