Zwinky Promo

Still images and photographs are uploaded by people on the internet everyday. Many social networking websites give you the opportunity to post your pictures to customize your profile and to express your mood. But changing these images everyday according to your mood is not a feasible task. You just stick to these photographs until a [...]

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Webfetti Promo

All social networking websites have simple and plain layouts. They are designed to be user-friendly, but these plain layouts can get boring and dull. Facebook® has had that plain blue and white layout since a long time which can make it dreary. Blogger® has a boring orange and white layout, while Twitter® has always had [...]

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Smiley Central®

Anyone who has used Instant Messaging services, or has sent emails, is aware of emoticons or ‘smileys’ as they are popularly known. They are used to express your emotions, personal thoughts, and add a personalized touch to your messages in a fun and easy way. But the emoticons provided by the IM messengers are very [...]

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