If you surf the web just as much as us at you know the value of getting to places quickly. Check out some of these awesome browser toolbars that allow you to get instant access to your favorite games, smileys, avatars, screensavers, coupons and so much more!

Zwinky Promo

Still images and photographs are uploaded by people on the internet everyday. Many social networking websites give you the opportunity to post your pictures to customize your profile and to express your mood. But changing these images everyday according to your mood is not a feasible task. You just stick to these photographs until a [...]

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Webfetti Promo

All social networking websites have simple and plain layouts. They are designed to be user-friendly, but these plain layouts can get boring and dull. Facebook® has had that plain blue and white layout since a long time which can make it dreary. Blogger® has a boring orange and white layout, while Twitter® has always had [...]

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Popular Screensaver Promo
Popular Screensavers™

Do you have one of those monotonous jobs in which you have to spend all your time working on the computer? Doing the same work on the computer everyday can be boring and tedious. Boring screensavers do not help in improving matters either. Colorful and animated screensavers can add that vibrant touch to your otherwise boring [...]

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Myfuncards Promo

Looking for a perfect card to send someone is a difficult task. You spend hours visiting bookstores to browse through different cards but fail to find the ideal one. This is because many card companies end up making similar cards and, thus, there is not much variety to choose from. Sending a card by post [...]

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MindDabble Promo

MindDabble Toolbar is software that provides you with the perfect games that fit the above mentioned category. The MindDabble Toolbar enables users to access MindDabble Cognitive Games, an entertaining website featuring a selection of games that exercise the key cognitive skill: memory. Players will be able to work on improving and sharpening their memory by [...]

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Cursormania Promo
Cursor Mania™

Your computer cursor is one of the most important yet the most boring part of your computer or laptop.  The simple white pointer is the most essential part of your computer software without which working on the computer can be really difficult and annoying. However, the simple cursor is really unappealing to look at. As [...]

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Couponalert Promo Banner

Everybody looks forward to the section of discount coupons in newspapers.  In these tough times, when the economy is suffering, we all try to save money anywhere we can and discount coupons provide a much needed respite. However, daily newspapers are the only way we can usually get information about daily deals and coupons offered [...]

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Aren’t we all a little superstitious? Not a lot of people would like to agree with that statement, but how many of us would miss a chance to eagerly peek at the daily horoscope, or try to find out what the future holds for us through various divination techniques?  Now-a-days, however, not a lot of [...]

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Smiley Central®

Anyone who has used Instant Messaging services, or has sent emails, is aware of emoticons or ‘smileys’ as they are popularly known. They are used to express your emotions, personal thoughts, and add a personalized touch to your messages in a fun and easy way. But the emoticons provided by the IM messengers are very [...]

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