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  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Can be used on any social networking websites and blogs including Facebook®, MySpace® and many more!
  • Layouts. Generators. 3D Graphics. Bling.


All social networking websites have simple and plain layouts. They are designed to be user-friendly, but these plain layouts can get boring and dull. Facebook® has had that plain blue and white layout since a long time which can make it dreary. Blogger® has a boring orange and white layout, while Twitter® has always had a plain blue and white layout. Since these social networking sites do not provide us with any alternatives to change the layouts of our profile, we have to stick with them.

Webfetti®—Change your Layouts Instantly!

Webfetti® is just the thing to deal with this. It is the latest tool to hit the internet that provides you with a variety of layouts for your profile pages on social networking websites. You can get layouts according to a wide range of themes and categories. It allows you to customize your pages on social networking websites and blogs. You can personalize them so that your browsing experience becomes fun and exciting. It is not only for Facebook® but can also be used to change the layouts of other websites such as Myspace®, Twitter®, and Blogger®.

Downloading Webfetti® is really easy. There is no registration or other forms that you have to fill and it’s free. Just download the Webfetti® software and you’re ready to go. Browse through the categories available, click on your favorite layout and download it. Webfetti® is packed with amazing features giving you thousands of smileys, glitter graphics, cursors, and layouts. It also lets you create customized glitter text, graphics, photo generator, as well as music and video skins. Webfetti® also has a lot of 3D graphics to choose from.