• Share with friends on Xanga®, Facebook®, MySpace® and other social networking sites.
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Avatars can be changed anytime.
  • Free download available.
  • Free download available.


Still images and photographs are uploaded by people on the internet everyday. Many social networking websites give you the opportunity to post your pictures to customize your profile and to express your mood. But changing these images everyday according to your mood is not a feasible task. You just stick to these photographs until a better one comes along. Or, maybe, you just keep using the same photograph for a long period of time to avoid going through the hassle of taking a photograph and then changing it.

Zwinky®—Your Own Avatar!

Zwinky® is a software that provides the best solution yet. Zwinky® is basically a picture of you turned into an avatar cartoon character that you can share with friends on Myspace®, Xanga®, and other social networking websites. A user creates a non-animated cardboard cutout-like character to represent him/her. You take your cartoon—a boy or a girl—and mix and match certain aspects of their appearance to match your own personal style. You can customize their clothes, hair color, hair style, accessories, and more. You can even customize what mood they are in. It is fun creating your self in the cyberspace.  You can change the appearance and mood of your Zwinky® whenever you want in only a matter of seconds.

Zwinky® has also launched a virtual world called Zwinktopia. There are many places to visit within the world of Zwinktopia including ‘your room’, the Cafe, the Zwinchester Mall, and others. After entering a particular space, other avatars appear with whom you can interact. Zwinky® also launched another website called Zwinky® Cuties. You can create an avatar, decorate a room, participate in fashion shows, adopt a pet, play games, shop for furniture and clothes, and do lots more.